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Contact us at:

phone: 02 / 50 20 10 21
fax: 02 / 50 20 10 23
adress: Sinalgis s.r.o
Miletičova 32
Bratislava 821 08
e-mail: sinalgis@sinalgis.sk


Sinalgis is a private medical center focused on treatment of neurological problems or illnesses. It is the first institution of this kind in Slovakia, for its main intention is to supply continual care for children since newborns until full age, and, after reaching adulthood, providing any further care needed.

Great profficiency in dealing with patients is guaranteed by four highly-educated doctors with long clinical experience in neurology – children neurology.


We offer a wide range of services:

examining prematurely born infants and reviewing the maturity of their nervous system

monitoring infants´ psychomotorical development and diagnosing early its potential disorders

diagnosing and monitoring patients with cerebral pulsy, epilepsy, neuro-muscular, neuro-oncological, vertebrogene affections and other painful states

To diagnose these illnesses, the center has a complete technical equipment ( EEG, EMG, EP, USG ), other diagnostical facilities ( X-ray, CT, MR examinations ) are provided in cooperation with various well-known medical institutions.


Our therapeutical possibilities:

acute painful neurological states treatment, spinal problems treatment ( injections, infusions,etc. )

treatment of seisures ( epilepsy, non-epileptological seisures )

curing spasticity with botoulotoxin

EEG neurofeedback

chronical neurological ilnesses



Soňa Ostrihoňová, MD, chairperson